Challenges for a New Nurse Essay

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Challenges for a New Nurse

A new nurse faces a formidable set of challenges when walking onto their first job. Sadly, nursing schools do not truly prepare the new nurse for the shock of caring for patients and the responsibility that goes with it. A new nurse may have excellent preparation on a theoretical level, but this is a far cry from the daily grind of patient care. Having to learn the complex daily routines of a floor or specialty care unit, along with numerous drugs used, dealing with family members, and problem-solving can overwhelm a new nurse. So, how to cope? First, take a deep breath. Be ready to make mistakes, because you will. Forgive yourself. Try to limit mistakes, and not repeat them. But do realize you are
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Simplify! (when possible). Never stop learning. There are few jobs in the modern world where you can get a degree and/or complete training, and work until retirement with only what you just learned. Nursing certainly is not one of them. You should always strive to learn more, and become faster and more efficient in your practice. Actively looking for ways to perform in a more efficient manner will help you to find ways to become a better nurse. Become involved in organizations which are related to the nursing area you are working in, and subscribe to nursing magazines which are appropriate for your area. These are loaded with information, and help you stay up-to-date on current developments. Shoot for getting a specialty certification in the area you work, - whether it be a certification in med-surg nursing, oncology, or a CCRN certification. Education and continued dedication to bettering yourself as a nurse can only help you. It will help you become more comfortable with your knowledge base, and make you more marketable in our ever-changing health care system. There are an almost infinite number of things which could be addressed. We have covered some of the main topics. Lastly, I would encourage you to take care of yourself. It is hard to take care of others if you yourself are a train-wreck. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Exercise. The big three even our grandmothers told us about. Most just don’t

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