Challenges Facing The American Auto Industry Essay

1063 Words Oct 9th, 2014 5 Pages
This paper is about the challenges currently impacting the American Auto Industry. I will evaluate the following areas: New Technology, Competition with a focus on Mexico, Politics, Consumer opinions, Demographics and Environmental. There have been many advances in technology over the past decade. Since the smartphones have greatly advanced that same technology is now part of vehicles. There are dashboards full of Bluetooth, GPS and multi-disc radios just to name a few. The Bluetooth features allow anyone’s smartphone to connect to their car while they drive. This allows for them to make and receive phone calls. You can listen to a variety of music straight from your phone. While the Bluetooth feature is not offered in most standard cars you can get this as an add-on. Other features of technology that have advanced is the way cars run. You can now get cars that are run on gasoline, clean diesel, half electric and half gas, and just electric. With such a great variance of vehicles there is a car for everyone. Lastly an added feature is the advanced parking assistant. This feature can help the vehicle park alone with no assistance from the driver. Other features are cameras so that you can see behind you when you are backing up instead of just having your rear view mirror. The competition that the American Auto Industry faces is wide. The one country I choose to put my focus on is Mexico. Today the engines for HEMI and the Ram trucks are built in cities in…

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