Essay on Challenges Facing The American Auto Industry

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I struggled with this assignment because the environmental challenges that are facing the American Auto Industry but it doesn 't just involve the industry, it 's a global issue, which cascades into a whole slew of problems. I can 't imagine getting the assignment done in less than three pages but will cut it down the best way I can describe it. The environmental challenges that are facing the American Auto Industry, first problem is greed, although It may not be what the assignment is asking. We have had the answer to how we need to fix the environmental challenges but in all honesty, it 's never going to happen. The old man running the joint doesn 't care about the environment but the bottom line & when he dies will leave the problems to his future generation to make decisions on how to decrease product waste on the environment. As long as he has got his Scotch in one hand and a steak in the other, life will continue going the way that they want it to run, environment challenges or not. It will take natural disasters to get the attention of those running these giant corporations to find solutions even though the auto industry is "trying." By publishing 25% of its attempts on media 's in general to make it seem like 85% of the auto resources are doing anything to make a change.

To answer the question nothing will happen to correct our issue facing the American Auto Industry and the environmental challenges in the US until the elephant in the room is addressed. Greed is…

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