Challenges Facing New Digital Age Essay

1029 Words Jul 8th, 2016 null Page
Challenges The challenges of this new digital age will make businesses force businesses to ensure that data is collected correctly. The use of computer based systems allows businesses to capture a large amount of information in a relative timely manner. The use of this information has a reference in the business intelligence world in capturing the data that are volume, velocity, and variety in collection of the information from consumers (Trifu & Ivan, 2016, p. 72). The challenges with storing this data are due to the size of the information, the speed or velocity of the data collection possess another challenge, and the variety of the information makes it difficult to interpret what type of information is relevant for the business (p. 72). There is a changing aspect to the current three processes of collecting information which is the ability to gather information that is applicable due to the size and different types that is known as veracity (p. 73). This information will continue to challenge business in the venue of data collection to ensure they are meeting the customers changing needs and desires in the marketplace. Next, this discussion will explore the challenges associated to meeting customer needs. The use of business intelligence systems must include the basic core elements of a business. This will enable the organization meet the changing demands in the continental and foreign markets. The use of business intelligence systems often fails to identify…

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