Essay about Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

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Challenges Women Entrepreneurs face

There is a need for more women entrepreneurs, but many women have challenges they encounter. Challenges such as; being indecisive, access to funding and investors, fear of failure, balancing a business and family and importance of networking may affect them. Knowing how they can overcome those challenges can be helpful in being successful. Realizing these challenges and overcoming them will make them stronger and appreciate the difficulties they had to encounter on their journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It is very important that these challenges be addressed so that they can prosper in their business.
Women tend to be more indecisive, by needing more time to analyze and reconsider things before they make a decision. John Rohn stated, “Indecision is the thief of opportunity and enterprise. It will steal your chances for a better future. Take a sword to this enemy”. (Rohn, 2000). If women entrepreneurs change their perspective of failure into a positive thing, they would be able to make decision with more confidence. Women may get a thousand “no’s” in order to finally get a “yes”. Speaking up for themselves and walking out of their comfort zone is helpful.
Some women have the lack of capital funding and investors. The venture capital community needs to find solutions that help women entrepreneurs get better access to capital. Investors usually give less consideration to women versus men in the business field. Some investors…

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