Challenges Faced By Women During 19th Century Essays

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This article would discuss some of the challenges that faced by women in education since 19th century. The first challenge specifically focused on the domestic role that women were supposed to play from the traditional point of view, which disturbed girls’ education from the early stage. While the following writing moved on to challenges occurring in higher education, talking about the horrible stereotype of university women during early 20th century and the unfair rejection in admission of female. After discussing those relatively specific challenges, gender discrimination was proposed as the initial and most essential challenge for women in seeking to receive education, and both past and recent evidences from literatures were used to support the idea.
This article involved 10 literatures. 5 of them were given in advance, three of them were found through searching key words like girls, education, gender, equality and school in IOE and UCL online library. Two of them were found in Chinese academic literature website called due to difficulties in accessing the IOE and UCL online library in China during Christmas holiday.
It is true that 19th century is seen as a turning point for girl’s education in England, as within the 19th century, female illiterate rate dropped dramatically from around 58% to less than 10% (LI, 2014). This rise however, did not mean an unimpeded education path for female. Most of female’s educational experience was interrupted by the…

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