Challenges Faced By Virtual Teams And Increasing The Productivity

1044 Words Nov 16th, 2014 null Page
Results of Literature Review The process of decreasing the challenges experienced by virtual teams and increasing the productivity, leadership becomes an important piece. Previous research has been done that focused on what leadership styles and behaviors are needed in order for a leader and their virtual team to be productive. Many studies have shown that communication is an important part of an effective leadership, productivity and performance of a global virtual team, especially if it is frequent (Barnwell, 2014; Chen, 2011; Kayworth, 2001). In a study conducted by Kayworth (2001), a quantitative study was completed to examine the perceptions of virtual leaders and members of their team. Results concluded that members stated feelings of dissatisfaction and filed complaints if their leader did not acknowledge questions in a timely manner and provide clear direction. Furthermore, members who viewed their leader as effective stated that these leaders were prompt and readily responded to questions and giving clear direction to members. Additionally, from the virtual team members point of view, the effectiveness of the leader correlated with the leaders level of empathy, attitudes toward members, and role definition. Several studies directed at investigating leadership in virtual teams have found that trust was seen as a quality seen in a successful virtual team leader and showed a positive relationship with team effectiveness, performance and attitude (Chen et al.,…

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