Challenges Faced By Urban Schools Essay

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Urban schools districts in Illinois are facing challenges due to components such as size, high poverty rates, diverse communities and limited resources (Netzel &, Eber, 2003) In addition to this, the lack of effective discipline systems in urban schools districts often leads to difficulties in educating large number of students in urban communities. Waukegan School District, is an urban district in Illinois and is addressing efforts to meet the needs of students at risk of behavioral problems (Netzel & Eber, 2003). With this in mind, the district agreed to incorporate Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports, a system that will establish proactive and positive procedures to enforce effective discipline in students, and school personnel in all settings (Netzel & Eber, 2013). The article discussed the challenges faced in the urban district, the strategies selected by the PBIS leadership teams at school, the support that was given by the district and the statewide initiative to incorporate PBIS, as well as the results experienced in two years (Netzel &Eber, 2013). More importantly, PBIS would help the district develop implementations, evaluations and change behavioral problems in school settings.
The PBIS approach took place at the Northern Elementary School in Illinois. The leadership PBIS team included dedicated volunteers from NES, who were highly trained in the statewide PBIS initiative. The team included administrators, support staff and grade level representatives (…

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