Challenges Faced By Toyota 's Regional Histories Essay examples

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taking advantage of immobile, natural, or created regional endowments. Finally, Internalization allows Toyota to determine the benefits of taking on the costs of cross border markets and managing themselves, instead of allowing the market to expose the firm to whatever costs may arise. (Hill) Depending on the size and establishment of the economy that Toyota is considering entering into, we will see that there are important decisions made regarding Incremental Internalization. That is; the practice of gradual acquisition in the hosting country. In some economies, Toyota begins with Production facilities and a large investment. Mostly however, there are steps from exporting, to sales subsidiaries, and then finally production facilities only when the market has shown great potential. Conversely, markets may also go through changes outside of the firm’s control, and the decision may be made to reduce investment and withdraw down to a lower level. We will see examples of both directions when we go through Toyota’s regional histories. There are also displays of a host country’s pragmatic nationalism in regard to allowing Toyota to carry out their business, and in return Toyota’s ability to take advantage of producing within a region instead of exporting product there.


Not only is Toyota known for their cars but they are also known worldwide for their advanced groundbreaking manufacturing procedures. Competitors of Toyota’s noted their processes and wanted to use…

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