Challenges Faced By The Wright Brothers Essay

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While developing the first motorized aircraft the Wright brothers faced many problems and challenges, but they overcame them. Have you ever had a day where nothing goes right. You have to wait for hours, you break things, get sick, stormy weather, or your plans get canceled? The Wright brothers felt like that most of the time while they created the first airplane, but they had a growth mindset and overcame those problems. They encountered terrible weather, they had to wait days up to months for things, and they had very few materials to work with. They definitely had their share of problems.

While making the aircraft, there was a lot of environmental challenges for the Wright brothers. It would sometimes rain, snow, or be really windy when they were working on the plane. When they tried to fly it the wind would be either too heavy or too light. For example, "As the Life Crew carried the
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When they crashed the plane or the storm broke a feature of it,l they had to send it back and wait days up to months for the part or plane to come back to in. If they traveled somewhere it took time to get there and time to come back, that took forever. Their father was a very religious man and believed that no one should work on Sunday's, so brothers promised their father that they would not construct nor fly the airplane on this day. This puts them a day back. It doesn't seem bad, but what if someone got their own motorized aircraft to fly on Sunday, the Wright brothers would have done all of that work for nothing.

If you were to build an airplane today, you would have many materials and have the tools and other things that you would need. The Wright brothers didn't have all of those materials. In fact, they worked under a creaky hanger, and it was the only two of them working on the plane. They didn't have fifty people to help them out, the most they had was a mechanic and the life crew helped out at the

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