Challenges Faced By The Field Of Emergency Management Essay

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There are many potential challenges to be faced by the field of emergency management in the ever changing and growing world we live in today. Haddow, Bullock, and Coppola share their top five challenges for emergency management as leadership, funding, federal recovery assistance programs, partnerships, and communications and information management (2013). All of these areas are vitally important to the current field and future of emergency management, and must continue to be improved upon whenever possible. However, I think a more appropriate order of importance of these issues would be leadership, funding, partnerships, communication and information management, and federal recovery assistance programs. Leaderships is easily the most important aspect to any organization and emergency management is no exception. This leadership starts at the very top, with the President of the United States, but trickles all the way down to local emergency management and business leaders. Seasoned and experienced leaders literally pave the way for the future of their organizations by imparting their wisdom and knowledge to those around them, as well as, practical application during an emergency event. Funding is the next most important issue faced by emergency management as everything revolves around money. The federal government supplies millions or billions of dollars in federal disaster relief money to disaster victims every year and this money must be available to provide this support.…

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