Essay about Challenges Faced By Student Students

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In the school environment, teachers face many challenges and overcome obstacles that affect student learning. As an educator, I have experienced that I touch the lives of the students in many positive ways. Teachers need to provide opportunities where students are able to succeed and face new challenges. The very essence of a learning community is a focus on and a commitment to the learning of each student (DuFour,DuFour, Eaker, & Karhanek, 2004). I have experienced that when teachers fail to meet their goals or fails to improve student performance, they reflect on their teaching practices and improve their teaching practices. In order for teachers to grow professionally and improve their performance in the classroom, they need to be constantly reflecting on areas that they need to improve to become a better teacher leader. The time and effort invested in reflection yield a harvest of greater student learning, higher teacher morale, enhanced feelings of efficacy, and a more collaborative professional community (Barr, Sommers, Ghere & Montie (2006). There is no doubt that teachers need to experience failure and realize what needs to be changed in order to promote positive change in the school environment. I am taking this opportunity to reflect on what needs to be changed to become a better teacher leader as well as reflect on my Master of Science in Education MSED journey. Moreover, establish a professional learning community where teachers share their knowledge and teaching…

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