Essay on Challenges Faced By Foreign And International

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As an RA it is important to treat everyone equally. However, it is also very important to realize each resident defers in the needs they have. Some require help getting adapted into the community while some will naturally flourish in the community with a little help from the RA. For all first year students coming into the dorm international or domestic they all come in with fears. Fear of not knowing what to expect, fear of being away from home, fear of how they will cope with classes and so on. For this reason, all these students need help feeling comfortable from their RA. Although all students have fears and needs, it is important as an RA to prepare how to effectively communicate with students both international and domestic when chosen as a leader over them. Probably one of the biggest days for RA’s is move in day. You have all your residents coming from different locations over the country and the world. I believe that when getting to know residents, both domestic and international it is important to make a connection with them. This may be through what kind of sports you like or maybe a common TV show. This does well, creating an initial relationship between the RA and resident. I furthermore believe that when getting to know an international student on move in day it is important to try and get a sense of what their culture. It is no secret that most people living outside of the United States have a different culture and as an RA over an international student it is…

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