Challenges Faced By Disadvantaged Youth Essay

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Challenges faced by disadvantaged youth
- Low educational attainment in relation to aboriginal Canadian youth: There is an increase in the Canadian aboriginal population. According to the Assembly of First Nations majority of the adolescence do not have a high school diploma. Dauphin Friendship Centre indicates that the low rate of high school graduation among the First Nation youth could be caused because of lack of parenting, alcoholism and drug abuse among parents. The lack of high schools and post secondary institutions within the First Nation communities force students to leave their families and friends and move to bigger communities in order to attain a better education. This would cause more challenges to these aboriginal students who would now be required to get used to city lifestyle.
- Post secondary education and training for disabled youth: The services provided on-campus to help students with disabilities to find jobs that would enable them to gain experience and learn new skills, such as part time jobs or summer positions are lacking. Students with disabilities are made to complete more credentials as compared to individuals without any disabilities in order to make them more competitive in the labour market. This situation could be excluded if they were offered practical experience. In some cases disabled students are not allowed to work part time during school due to their disabilities and this could cause an increase in their future debts due to high…

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