Challenges Faced By Criminal Justice Essay

1773 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Throughout the world, there will always be developments that need to be made in anything we do. There are some things that are more important than others, such as the government, the military, and law enforcement on all levels. Things of this nature are a virtual due to the fact of there always being room for improvement in everything in the world no matter where it is, and plus these are people that is dealing with the welling-being of the people in the world. Here we will point out a few important developments in comparative policing, courts, and also the corrections. Afterwards, we will identify and describe three major global challenges that criminal justice may face in the future.
First, one of the most important developments in comparative policing may be to gain a stronger international policing cooperation base. By this it could possibly open up more doors for successful policing throughout the entire world as a whole. Coming together to better the international policing cooperation base could help to make a stronger training and education system. By putting together a stronger training and education system the police across the world could exchange instructors to help teach the different ideas to better assist each department. Building these relationships with the different departments throughout the world could also be used for officers to “study abroad” in a sense, but in actuality they would be finding ways to fight the mutual crimes that we all see in the…

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