Challenges Faced By Beach House Software Essay example

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Beach House Software is experiencing several issues to do with Human Resource Management (HRM). There is lack of harmony between the two main teams ‘Tweakers’ and ‘Team A’, lack of time management, lack of motivation and lack of training that could lead to creation of advanced products and career advancement. These issues have led to a decline in performance and reputation for a once booming firm. The existing management style, laissez-faire style, is partly to contribute to the sluggishness experienced by Team A in not developing any product in the last three years. For Beach House to regain its productive ways, the firm’s HR organisation needs to be restructured to include a performance management system that ensures each personnel meets his or her target. A performance management system can also be coupled with other HR practices such as reward and punishment to become efficient. The performance management system chosen has to address the performance issues in the firm. This paper discusses HR challenges experienced at Beach House and how they can be solved using a performance management system, and other HR practices that need to be put in place in order to support the PMS. This will be followed up by recommendations on how to restructure HR to successfully implement the performance management system.
Performance Management System
A performance management system (PMS) is defined as a set of connected activities that are treated holistically as an integrated…

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