Essay on Challenges Faced By African Americans

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Research shows that people, who report experiencing racism, have greater rates of illness than who do not report it (Williams and Mohamed, 2013). 4 Racism operates at multiple levels, ranging from the individual to structural (Gee and Ford, 2011). Structural racism is defined as the macro level systems, social forces, institutions, ideologies, and processes that interact with one another to generate and reinforce inequities among racial and ethnic groups (Williams and Mohamed, 2013). Two of the most important structural explanations that best explain health inequities are institutional racism, as example residential segregation, and cultural racism. Due to reducing access to important resources, exposing individuals to health risks and triggering discrimination that finally can lead to deteriorating health status (Williams and Mohamed, 2013).
Institutional Racism refers to institutional mechanism and processes that develop norms, policies and laws that have reduced access to required resources in the society. A good example is the residential segregation. African-Americans in US used to live in segregated neighborhoods. This is not fortuitous. It has been shaped for a history of segregation norms and policies. During around 35 years was explicitly prohibited that Blacks and Whites lived together (Kramer et al, 2009). Since 1968, the Civil Rights Act (Fair Housing Act) prohibited discrimination in housing sales and rentals. Although theoretically this act should stop the…

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