Challenges College Students Face Essay

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Kalyn Pina
Professor Lall
English V01a
2 February 2015

Obama states “two in three jobs require higher education” (2012 speech). College may be the stepping stone to real life but there are too many challenges against the students. If we want them to succeed why is the system so complicated and expensive? Many college students end up in financial trouble due to being unprepared. Students often don’t have the right study skills going into college and that can hurt them. Some student is often not emotionally ready for college and struggle with the transition. Whether we are ready or not college is what we must invest in so we can peruse our education. College isn’t easy and students face many challenges like financial trouble, lack of
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They often find it hard to find a balance between everything and have poor time management skills. “It is far wiser for students to prepare for change-and the multiple careers they are likely to have- than to search for a single job track that might one day become a dead end” (Ungar. 191). They have to decide what they need to spend more time on but be able to pass all their classes. For example some students have learning challenges that teachers gave those people that needed it extra help in high school but now they have to learn to deal with it or seek extra help outside the class. They might not have motivation to do the work and might fall behind or fail which also leads them to procrastinate. The teaching style changes a lot moving from high school to college and the student may struggle with the move. In high school they teach great study skills, but they don’t always work for some students. In my case procrastination is a big problem for me and has been since high school.

In addition another challenge student’s face is the sudden responsibilities and it can take a toll on their mental health and their ability to keep their emotions in check. They also have to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives and it could potentially be a great career or backfire on them. With so many people telling you if you want to be successful you must to college is not going

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