Essay on Challenges And Implications Of A New Zealand Organization

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With over 900,000 working visa’s issued in just five and a half years (Statistics New Zealand, 2014), and the median age of the labour force projected to grow exponentially (Alpass, F. & Mortimer, R. 2007) New Zealand organisation’s are already, and increasingly becoming more diverse. Organisations are always changing; these changes whether they be internal or external, foreseeable or unpredictable, create challenges and implications for the management of employer relations. Ongoing changes such as an aging and growing ethnic mix within the workforce, present both challenges and implications, but also offer a range of opportunities if managed and implemented correctly. This essay examines these changes in light of key HRM theories and assesses the challenges and implications presented by the changes. Ultimately, management professionals face a changing workforce and must adapt appropriately to best harness the benefits of these developments and mitigates to challenges they present.

In the workforce today, due to the impact of globalization, organizations are seeing an increased mix of ethnicities among its staff. A key way in which ethnic mix in the workforce can present a challenge to any human resource manager, is through discrimination and racism. Under the Human Rights Act 1993 and Employment Relations Act 2000, discriminating on the ground of race or religion is illegal, however this does not prevent racism or discrimination occurring in the workplace (Bell, M. 2012)…

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