Essay Challenges And Challenges Of A Coaching Relationship

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The following paper will present a Case Study outlining the issue and concerns that might be addressed in a coaching relationship, as well as problems, challenges, or opportunities that are of importance. Addressing challenges and promoting change in Unity will provide a stable platform for progress.
Case Study
This Case Study is about a 42-year-old systems analyst who has worked 16 years of his career with the Techno Corporation; a team manager in the information systems arena. His job is to produce outcomes and address quality control issues. This employee brings a strong ability to think systemically. This employee has a college degree in Computer Science, with high technical skills, visual presentations, and diagrams. This employee handles highly stressful conditions and brings unity and togetherness. With this said, the employee shows great strengths. “To be a great manager, you must have an extensive set of skills” from planning and delegation to communication and motivation (How Good Are Your Management Skills?, n.d.). This employee has demonstrated these skills, and this style seems to have been effective with his staff. He was able to drive his team to both produce outcomes promptly and proactively address quality control issues (NCU, 2016).
The organization has recently undergone a significant reorganization, moving from a project team model to an integrated matrix model (NCU, 2016). A project team model is a group of individuals assembled to perform activities…

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