Chaguaramas Beach Case Study

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Problem Description
In recent times coastal areas have been extensively developed in the area of North West of Port-of-Spain. Its beautiful landscape by the sea, bays and streams have been utilized by habour activities and human activities. The area s also used by various boats both personal and commercial that carry chemicals and hazardous compounds.
These water vessels are often cleaned on the docks and emit a lot of hazardous waste into the water. Leaks during the transfer of goods and liquids also add to the pollution in the area. Illegal dumping of materials higher up river waterways has also added to the degradation of the coastal areas. sea. In short there are many sorts of polluting activities in the area.
This has adverse effects
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Coastal habitats and ecosystems in Trinidad and Tobago have suffered substantial amount due to coastal development, land based pollution and development activities (construction and quarrying) and agricultural activities.
The location described is the Chaguaramas Bay which is located on the Northwest shores on Trinidad. There are major threats to the proper management of the coastal ecosystems. Pollution to both the land and maritime added to the detriment of the area. It has resulted in the exploitation of fishes and crustacean in the area. The development of coastal structures over the years has resulted in drastic changes to the coastline which leads to the degradation of major ecosystems within the area.
This region is a small bathing area and a docking area for yacht moorings that includes a Coast Guard facility and a restaurant/club located on the waterfront of the peninsula. Previous studies in the 1980s showed that the area was contaminated with sewage (IMA,unpublished, P.Norman,unpubl.). Its main source of pollution was due to broken sewage systems lines located underwater. This discharges raw material close to the shore within the bathing regions. These issues were addressed in 1985 to ensure that it was compliant with the international
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This causes a buildup of debris along the coast. The currents also deposit debris further down the island in Scotland Bay.
This region is also prone to oil spills occurring in the Gulf of Paria due to its currents. Years ago fishermen were able to attain four to five hundred pounds of Kingfish or Carite from the Macqueripe region. As years went by, fish hauls have drastically decreased. This would be due to the increasing pollution levels in the area as industrial and recreational facilities have increased over the years.
Interviews done with the Assistant secretary Alcan Bay Fishing Association, Martin Alexander, stated that the water quality report done by the Institute of Marine Affairs, there was a high level of E-coli bacteria in the water. Fishermen described the water as white with a greenish which was algae found in the water. Algae would use the oxygen content in the water preventing the existence of fish in the area. Fishermen had to travel further distances to be able to haul in a day’s catch. They have also seen a decrease in bait in the area. Due to the industrial developments in the area, there has been an increased removal of mangroves which had a detrimental effect on the coastal ecosystem of the

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