Ting's Chastity

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Chastity was a most important to measure a women in 1920s period. It could be affected by Confucianism and traditional. At that time, people would treat women with more harsh rules. Such as if a women lost chastity before she gets married, she would be not get married in her life; or she could only get married with a divorced men. Even a woman suffered rape, which leads her lost chastity, people would say bad words to that woman, and nobody would sympathy that woman because they believe she was an unchaste women. But people would not censure any man who leads women lost their chastity. There are two stories about different women in different cities, when they meet with same situation, they had different attitude.
Ting was a Chinese peasant in Guizhou province; she came from a poverty family, Ting’s father and mother was farmer, Ting did not go to school not only based on poor family but also based on traditional. Most rural people believed that women did not need go to school; they just need focus on housework. The same idea also happened to Ting’s father and mother. As for Ting, she never
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Ting’s father though about maybe they could move to somewhere else, when they arrived a new place, nobody would know what happened to Ting’s family. However, they were so poor, once they left, they would lost their land, which would lead them to starve. Therefore, Ting’s family decided stay at hometown because they were without any other choices. Ting hide at home, she scared to leave room because she knew that she would be blamed once she appeared in public space. Even though she hide at home, some relative would like to go to her house, and said some bad comments in front of Ting’s parents. Ting felt she could not stand any more, and then Ting chosen to suicide. Ting’s parents were sad after Ting’s death, however, other people still blamed that Ting was an unchaste

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