Ch. 16 Solutions Essay

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Chapter 16
Networking Types, Devices, and Cabling
Reviewing the Basics
1. What type of network topology is used when five switches are used on a small LAN and each switch connects to multiple computers on the LAN?
A star bus topology or a hybrid topology
2. Place the following networking technologies in the order of their highest speed, from slowest to fastest: WiMAX, dial-up networking, cable Internet, Fast Ethernet, 3G
Dial-up networking, 3G, cable Internet, WiMAX, Fast Ethernet
3. What is the difference between ADSL and SDSL?
ADSL uses one upload speed from the consumer to an ISP and a faster download speed. SDSL uses equal bandwidths in both directions.
4. Among satellite, cable Internet, and DSL, which technology experiences
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Power over Ethernet (PoE)
15. Describe the difference between a hub and a switch.
A hub is a pass-through device that transmits all frames to all devices it is connected to except the device sending the frame. A switch is “smarter” and transmits frames only to the device to which the frame is addressed, or, if the MAC address table doesn’t have a particular entry, the switch operates like a hub and sends the frame out to all devices except to the one sending the frame.
16. How is a wireless access point that is also a bridge more efficient in handling network traffic than a wireless access point that is not a bridge?
Because the bridge limits the amount of traffic between the two network segments. It allows only the traffic to pass that is destined for the other segment.
17. What type of cable uses an F connector?
TV coax cable
18. Why does a CAT6 cable have a plastic core? Which two types of cabling is recommended for Gigabit Ethernet?
To keep the pairs of twisted wires separated which reduces crosstalk. CAT-5e and CAT6
19. How many wires does a CAT5 cable have? A CAT5e cable? A coaxial cable?
Eight, eight, one
20. Which tool can you use to verify that a network port on a computer is good?
Loopback plug
21. After making a straight-through cable, which tool can you use to certify the cable?
Cable tester
22. Which tool can help you find a network cable in the walls of a building?
Toner probe
23. Which tool is used to firmly attach a RJ45 connector to

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