Essay on Ch 13 Nation-States

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Chapter 13

Breaking Up is Hard to Do:

Nations, States, and Nation-States

A. Logistics
Students’ Time Requirements Activity 1: The Rise of Nationalism and the Fall of Yugoslavia Readings 60-90 minutes Fill in the blanks 75-90 minutes Activity 2: Iraqaphobia Readings 60-90 minutes Fill in the blanks 75-90 minutes

The fill-in-the-blanks activity works very well as an in-class group project. It helps for students to be able to discuss the questions and readings with other students. If so, it is absolutely essential that students read the assigned articles in advance of the discussion. They will need to consult the readings to find pertinent passages, but if they are reading it for the first time
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In the third edition, we went one step farther by making sure that the answers can be found in sequential order in the readings. We have also marked with an * those answers that require a little extra thought and cannot be answered simply by reading it in the articles.

Those using the Wiley Plus version of the 4th edition will have a link to the passage in the text where answers can be found. Those using the Book Companion site for the 4th edition can find an annotated set of readings with the location of the answers highlighted. This will make it easier for the instructor to circulate in class while the students are working and be able to point them in the right direction.

B. Lesson Plan
I. Broader context of crises (without overlapping with the activities) 1. Breakup of Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, tearing down of Berlin Wall, reunification of two Germanies, Québec separatism 2. End of Cold War

II. Political geography terminology 1. State = country i. Independent ii. Defined boundaries iii. Internationally recognized iv. Sovereignty over land and people within boundaries v. Gray areas, including colonies 2. Nation = cultural group a. Based on Latin natio, meaning “born, nation, race, species, or breed” b. Common ancestry (mythical

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