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CGD 218 Entire Course
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Further, learning how to successfully utilize visual media in your communication can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your message.

CGD 218 Week 1 Journal The Evolution of Media
For more classes visit The Evolution of Media

Over the past several decades, communication media have evolved significantly. In addition to communicating messages through books, newspapers, and magazines, we now have the ability to communicate through blogs, websites, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Now, more than ever, the average person is capable of creating and distributing professional-looking visual communication. This supports what your textbook identifies as perhaps the most significant change; these “new technologies are forcing journalists, advertisers, PR professionals, and entertainment executives to relinquish their role as ‘gatekeepers’ of information (P.21-22).

Taking a look at one of the professions listed in this quote, or even your own profession, reflect on how the role of “gatekeeper” is being redefined, given these new technologies. What are the benefits and challenges associated with this change, both from a business perspective and a social perspective? Are there any ethical concerns associated with this shift?

This journal entry should allow you to thoroughly reflect upon what you have learned thus far in class, and provides you an

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