Cesare Beccaria 's On Crimes And Punishment Essay example

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1) Cesare Beccaria
Originaly from Italy, Cesare Beccaria (1738–1794) is one of the most notorious phylosophers of his time, recognized du his notorious book “On Crimes and Punishment” (1764)

I think this work should be present and reading by not only students in the graduate student in criminology but also in sociology as well. It 's only my opinion, but I will try to explain my reasoning.
Crime is a natural phenomenon, if there is no crime, there won 't be any punishment. His book” ?Dei delliti e dei penni” publicly recognized to be one of the first which examined the application (adaptation) of the theories of crime in the society. Beccaria opinion of punishment is central for his work. What Beccaria implemented 3 centuries ago, was successfully applied in the practice during past 3 centuries. Personally, I would call this book, the measure of punishment.
Beccaria 's vision on the needed reform concerned not only punishment, but required the general reform in the criminal justice system. Surprisingly, this work initially written in Italian language, not only was recognized important as such, but almost immediately, was translated into other languages, as French and English. Beccaria work was ultra modern for his time, as he wanted to establish the level in punishment accordingly to the level of crime. He proclaimed to ban the death penalty punishment, by instauring instead the crime preventional system.
I consider that this book is the must have and must analyze…

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