Cesare Beccaria And The Classical School Of Criminology Essay

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In a narrative format of 750 or more words, Identify at least six of the most important and influential thinkers of the Classical School of criminology. Cesare Beccaria, Jeremy Bentham, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Thomas Paine.
Give a short précis of their intellectual contribution(s) and what heritage their way of thinking provide classical and neoclassical theorists.
Cesare Beccaria, (1738-1794) Beccaria was born in Milan Italy and was both a philosopher and attorney of law, in 1764 he published Essay on Crimes and Punishment, which were his overviews on crime and the justice system during his lifetime. He had a great interest in crime and punishment during the 18th Century that was occurring throughout Europe and was one of the founders of the Classical School of Criminology. Beccaria felt that within the area of crime prevention that adjudication and punishment should be both swift and certain, this would assure that the punishment and the crime would be better connected thus become a deterrent to crime (Schmalleger, 2012).
Jeremy Bentham, (1748-1832) Bentham was another founder of the Classical School of Criminology, he was a believer of utilitarianism, he felt individuals had the right to happiness and should lead joyful lives. This philosophy lead to deterring punishment and better creating punishments that was more suitable to the crime committed by the violator. In 1789 he wrote Introduction to the Principles of Morals and…

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