Cesar Chavez Ambition

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Ambitious leaders Throughout history there have always been leaders with strong ambitions and some of their ambitions were worth the price and the others were not. For people like Cesar Chavez, who was able to fulfill his ambition, the price was worth it because it helped a lot of people. On the other hand, people like Che Guevara and Robert E. Lee’s ambitions were not worth the price because it resulted in not being able to fulfill those ambitions. Guevara was killed and Lee lost the war. Chavez’s ambition was worth it because he was able to make a change and help people. Guevara and Lee’s ambitions were not worth it because Guevara never got his ideal society and Lee lost his war. Cesar Chavez’s ambition was well worth the price in the …show more content…
Robert E. Lee never achieved his ambition to win the Civil War. At first, Lee was summoned to stop slave insurrection which was led by John Brown (Biography.com). Then, he was put on a short list of names to lead President Lincoln’s Union Army if they went to war (Biography.com). Due to the fact that Lee was born in Virginia, Lee stayed loyal to his army, the Confederates, in Virginia (Biography.com). He chose to support the ideas of the Southern states instead of leading the great Union Army. Although he was a great soldier, he faced many loses and hardships. In the battle of Antietam, 14,000 of his Lee’s men were captured, wounded, or killed (Biography.com). Another moment was from July 1 to July 3, 1863, all of Lee’s forces took lots of heavy casualties in Gettysburg (Biography.com). In early 1865, Lee had to surrender. He said he was going to General Grant and he stated “And I would rather die a thousand deaths” (Biography.com). Fortunately, he was forgiven by Lincoln and was not killed for treason (Biography.com). This further proves that his ambition to win against the Union was hopeless. Although many people may think Lee’s ambition was not worth it, he remained loyal to his duties. The fact remains that his idealism came at a high price because Lee lost a lot of his men in Gettysburg and the Antietam (Biography.com). Like Guevara, Lee let many of his own men die to further their ambitions. In the end, it wasn’t worth it because Lee did not accomplish his

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