Essay Certified Nursing Assistant : The Elderly Helper

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Certified Nursing Assistant: The Elderly Helper
Emergency Room nurses run around the hospital all day long working with severe injuries, but what do CNA’s do? When people get old and tend to forget things, they get put in a nursing home or have health care. Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNA’s, are the ones who help them while they are in this predicament. It is not about the salary or holidays, it is about helping the elderly when they need it! Some think to themselves, “All CNA’s do is clean the elderly’s feces.”, but it is much more than that… CNA’s gain so much, which they never thought they would on this job.
CNA’s have to complete a state-approved education program. “Nursing Assistants and Orderlies” explain that, after this program they have to complete so many hours of clinical work, (hospitals or nursing homes). This provides extra training for the worker so they can be better at their job once they begin. They will follow around a CNA that has had their license for an understanding amount of time. The requirements to be in this field are having your high school diploma, and of course clinical hours which will qualify as on-the-job training. In order to get the CNA license they have to take the state-approved exam, after completing the class. This exam allows them to use the tools needed to help the patients they work with. Of course every medical field will have to do a criminal background check because they don’t want to have someone that’s violent, or has…

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