Certificate in Hr Practice Unit 1 Essay

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Certificate in HR Practice

Unit 1 – Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

Assessment Activity – 4DEP-F301A-(HR)

Issued on 12th January 2015


Activity 1 – Understanding the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective HR practitioner
Summary of the CIPD’s HR Professional Map (HRPM)
The HR Professional Map (HRPM) was introduced by the CIPD to help HR professionals to find their current levels of professional competence in their HR profession and to help them find their potential and ways to improve in the future. It will do this by asking HR professionals to rate their performance from 1-7 in their specific area of work, for example “Resource and Talent Planning” and also to
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As it is my only role to deal with recruitment I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to see where my strengths currently are and where I can improve and how I progress to the next level. Of course I am aware there will be some gaps as I am current in an entry level role in HR and have only been in the role since the middle of 2013. Because of this I will answering most of the questions at Band 1 level.
Review of Activities, Knowledge and Behaviours of Resource and Talent Planning at Band 1
I have completed my HMPM using the following areas which I thought were most appropriate to my current role in HR. * Resource and Talent Planning (Key Area) * Curious (Behaviour) * Decisive Thinker (Behaviour) * Driven to Deliver (Behaviour)
The pages containing the results and recommendations have been included as a separate addition to this report.
I have put the key recommendations in a couple of tables below for the Key Area and Behavioural areas. I have analysed these and, where appropriate, carried forward into my Development Plan for the future.
Recommendations for the Resource and Talent Planning Area Recommendation | Action | Seek opportunities to build and practice your own interviewing and assessment skills. | Contact Team Leader to ask permission to support the facilitation of more Assessment Centres to gain experience | Follow up with new hires after three months in the business to seek feedback about the

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