Cerebral And Central Nervous System Essay

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Cerebral Palsy is a disorder of the nervous system that is caused by abnormalities and damage to one or more specific areas of the brain. This damage occurs before, during, or immediately after birth when a child’s brain is developing. Research has determined what kind of brain and central nervous system damage occurs when someone has cerebral palsy as well as the symptoms that correlate with each injury and the effective treatment options to manage this chronic condition.
Muscle coordination and body movement dysfunction are some of the main effects of cerebral palsy, but the muscles themselves aren’t affected, the underlying problem originates in the brain and central nervous system. Cerebral palsy makes these systems incapable of sending the appropriate signals that are necessary for muscle movement and coordination. The brain and central nervous system is composed of many structures that are responsible for sending signals to different parts of the body. One of those structures is known as the brainstem. The brainstem regulates vital physiologic functions, motor control, consciousness level, and is like an expressway for motor nerve axons traveling to the spinal cord from the cerebral cortex. The sensory and motor neurons are housed within the brainstem and they function to control facial expressions, eye movements, and chewing (Matic 2014). Another important structure of the brain and central nervous system is the cerebellum, which is important for coordinating…

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