Cep Teams at American Red Cross Essay

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MGMT 331
Chapter Enrichment Teams at American Red Cross
October 7, 2015

Executive Summary

Primary Analysis
Ann Munroe, the Program Enrichment Officer was in charge of each of the team sections. After reading the individual reports, she felt uneasy about the redundant and generic reports that were generated. After speaking with the team section leaders, they all commented on the staff sizing issue. They all agreed this was an issue, but no one took the initiative to report on the issue. Most felt like it was not their place because it did not pertain to their area of analysis. So the issue was never brought up at the meeting. After reviewing the case, the fundamental management problem is too much structure within the
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1. Define the problem or opportunity - Brainstorming 2. Generate alternative solutions 3. Evaluate and select 4. Implement and follow-up
If the team had a meeting to come to a group decision defining the problem, they would find that they all agreed that the Chapter had the staffing problem. When group members agree, they begin to feel more confident in the research they have been conducting and feel more confident to discuss how to solve the problem. After the problem is defined, then the group collectively generates alternative solutions. The group has an advantage because they all agreed upon the problem. They are more likely to listen and analyze ideas that come from different members in the brainstorming process. After the brainstorming process the group will then evaluate all of the solutions and select the best one. When group decisions are made, members feel more confident about their decisions. The group has collective research and strong support to produce and propose their solution at the meeting. This process also involves brainstorming. Brainstorming is very important. It is vital to the group that the rules of brainstorming are followed. Group members need quantity over quality. They also need to be comfortable enough to present any ideas without judgement.
Solution 2:
Throughout the case there were several instances where too much structure within the organization that does not allow for free thinking

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