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Centurion Media’s cable division is about to sign a contractual agreement with Northpark Media. Centurion owns 25% of Northpark’s outstanding common stock shares. This agreement would give Northpark rights to all Centurions’ advertising inventory at severely discounted prices. This contract was signed by Centurion’s new president of cable, Joseph Fowler. Fowler was previously CEO of Northpark Media. He is still one of the board of directors at Northpark and rumor has it he has a large amount of Northpark stock. Richard Bennett has been Vice President for the SE Region of Centurion Cable for the last ten years. He has had a lot of success building relationships with customers, while also increasing the profits and sales
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Bennett should try and get the support of the other regional VPs, and express their concerns to Reilly and Fowler.


The future of the cable division is at stake. Bennett, his team, and others have put in a lot of time to bring about a change of culture and provide consistent success over the past years. Fowler will likely eliminate the regional VP’s and many team members in the immediate future. Although Bennett has only a short time until retirement, I will that brining in Reilly will help eliminate any irrational moves by Fowler.

Three Lenses Analysis

People –

1. Bennett & Team a. Purpose – Continuously improve Centurion Cable’s profitability and customer relationships, while growing personal careers and providing for their families. i. Principle – Act in the best interest of employer, while maintaining personal morals.

2. Centurion b. Purpose – Provide a quality service across all lines of business while increasing shareholder wealth long term. They also want an increase of their investments, Northpark. ii. Principle – Act in accordance with governing federal and industry regulations.

3. Centurion Shareholders c. Purpose – Increase initial investment iii. Principle – They are investing with the understanding and assumption that Centurion will make decisions on behalf of what’s best for the

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