Centripetal Force Lab Report Essay

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To be able to understand and verify the relationship centripetal force, mass, velocity, and the radius of orbit for a body that is undergoing centripetal acceleration.

Background Information

An object moving in the same direction is not necessarily undergoing acceleration. If the object changes speed while moving in the same direction there is acceleration (or deceleration). On the other hand, if the object moves at a constant speed in the same direction, there is no acceleration. This does not mean that constant speed always indicates no acceleration, however. An object that moves at a constant speed and changes direction is also experiencing acceleration even though its speed never changes. Both the
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|3.14 |4.331034483 |
| |4 |2.4525 |0.6435 |3.14 |4.87956488 |
| |5 |2.943 |0.5625 |3.14 |5.582222222 |
|Varying|6 |0.981 |0.858 |1.884 |2.195804196 |
|Radius | | | | | |

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