Essay on Central Nervous Systems And The Nervous System

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The human nervous system is our electrical wiring of the body that transmits signals between different parts of the body. It has two components; the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The nervous system is an intricate part of your body and life that 's made up of two separate systems, the brain, and spinal cord.

During prenatal growth, the nervous system experiences many changes to gain its compound structure. The events of this early development include the growing of billions of neurons, axons, and the formation of thousands of synapses. The cells in the nervous system are a special type and continue to grow during the organisms life. There are approximately 100 billion cells in the nervous system. Almost all nerve cells (neurons) are formed during prenatal growth, and most of the time they are not replaced by new cells. To be able to make almost one trillion nerve cells that are in the mature brain, about 2.5 million cells have to be made each minute during the whole prenatal life. From the time the organism is an embryo, neurons are making connections. The cells grow to make a flat area, which is called the neural plate. The neural plate grows with parallel ridges across it. The folds fuse together by the end of week three to make the neural tube. The neural tube is a hollow structure that the brain and spinal chord form from. If there are defects in the neural tubes development, diseases or physical abnormalities could…

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