Central Nervous System ( Cns ) Essay

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Central Nervous System
The textbook defines the central nervous system (CNS) as “the portion of the nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord” (Wade G-1).
Example: Since this part of the body can produce some of its own behaviors without help from the brain, some of the functions are automatic. Meaning that they don’t require any conscious effort. So, if you were to prick your finger on a something, you would automatically pull you hand away. Nerve impulses would send a message to your spinal cord, saying “PAIN!” and the spinal cord immediately tells the muscles to contract and pull away from the source of the pain.
Peripheral Nervous System
The textbook defines the peripheral nervous system as “all portions of the nervous system outside the brain and spinal cord; it includes sensory and motor nerves” (Wade 103).
Example: The peripheral nervous system contains nerves that allow us to move and secrete hormones. So, if you were at a crosswalk, and the signal told you to walk, then your peripheral nervous system would be responsible for you walking across the street.
Somatic Nervous System
The textbook defines the somatic nervous system as “the subdivision of the peripheral nervous system that connects to sensory receptors and to skeletal muscles; sometimes called the skeletal nervous system” (Wade 104).
Example: An example of the somatic nervous system actively working would be doing something like feeling a bug on your arm. The somatic nervous system allows you…

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