Central Europe And The Cold War Essay

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For almost all of the last 1200 years, Central Europe has been a multiethnic space governed by overlapping political entities. We usually don 't think of it that way, because the Cold War created a new dichotomy o (advanced, democratic) Western Europe and (feudal, primitive, totalitarian) Eastern Europe, even though Vienna is about 150 miles southeast of Prague. Even before the Cold War, Central Europe had gotten a bad rap, since historians touted the nation-state as the teleological endpoint of history. While the nation-states of the far west of Europe papered over their fractures early on with nominally unified central governments (pay no attention to lreland, the Basque Country and Belgium behind the curtain!), German historians had a hard time finding fig leaves, given Central Europe 's fragmentation into multiple Germanic, Slavic and Italian polities under the Holy Roman Empire, which Voltaire famously and inaccurately joked was "neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire." so they denounced the earlier institutional arrangements as anachronistically keeping Gemans from their progressive national destiny, and with the creation of the German Empire in 1871, hastily invented an imperial past for the Hohenzollerns. The new German Empire engaged in a series of Kulturkampfs -not just Bismarcks famous one against the Catholic Church, but also against its numerous slavic and Balt minorities in an effort to turn them into Gemans, We are now in another revisionist period, as…

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