Center for Disease Control Essay

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Center for Disease Control (CDC)
When comparing the CDC to the HFAP and FEMA, there are some similarities. First, the CDC and HFAP work with hospitals and clinics to figure out the problems. Second, CDC and FEMA both have training classes to learn more about what each are working for. Third, the CDC and FEMA both work to protect our nation from any major disasters, such as an outbreak or even a flood.
The CDC is mostly concerned with outbreaks and ailments disturbing certain areas, where FEMA is used to control disasters such as fires, floods, or tornadoes. The HFAP works to gather information about Medicare and Medicaid.
The CDC uses control charts to measure the performance improvements. Control
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And last, they refine the indicators and define the measures that are needed (CDC, 2011).
Reporting of Progress The CDC has a way of reporting all the progress they are doing. First, they develop an ongoing reporting cycle. This way they can keep up with all the reports they are getting. Second, they analyze the information. By doing this, they can see what they need to change or what not to touch because it is working fine. Third, they give feedback to the staff and constituents about what their reports show (CDC, 2011). They make sure to let them know what might need to be changed or if they are doing a great job.
Quality Improvement Process The CDC wants to make sure that the quality is improving, so they do this with a quality improvement process. First, they make sure to create a learning atmosphere. Second, they make sure to manage each change that comes about. Last, they process the data that is used for decisions to improve the policies (CDC, 2011). With all of this in place, the CDC will run smoothly without errors.

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