Centar Vs. The Minotaur: An Ancient Greek Myth

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Mythology is the backbone of ancient Greece. Why is it so important to millions of people? Well, myths contain hundreds of different gods and goddesses, heroes and immortals. It gives the people something to think about and admire. All of them having their unique story and attributes. The reason why these stories intrigue so many people is because all of them are different, and usually are pretty crazy and intense. My mythological creatures are the Minotaur and the Centaur, both with very interesting backgrounds. The raging Minotaur comes from the island of Crete where the royalty of Queen Pasiphae and King Minos lived (Garcia). It all starts when the god of the sea, Poseidon, sent King Minos a white pristine bull to sacrifice for a certain …show more content…
A Centaur is a half human, half horse creature. The body is horse-like, and that leaves the head, torso, and arms to be human. It is known that all Centaurs are children of Ixion and Nephele. Ixion was the King of the Lapiths. The Lapiths were clouds in the form of Here the goddess. Most centaurs live in the regions of Magnesia. The more important Centaurs live on Mount Pelion in Thessaly. The Centaur is a generic term for all of them to have lived, so this story is about the most important Centaur of all. Chiron the Centaur lived on Mount Pelion. Centaurs generally are known to be crazy and methodical. But Chiron was different, he was wise and a good teacher. Since he was so special, Chiron was immortal. Some famous figures Chiron tutored were Achilles and Jason. The story continues as Hercules had just finished killing the infamous Hydra. As Hercules was playing around after his great win, he accidently shot Chiron with an arrow. This particular arrow had been the one that killed the Hydra, so it had it’s evil blood. The arrow causes so much pain, Chiron had volunteered to sacrifice himself later on when he needed to free Prometheus and Zeus (“Centaur”). A symbol for Chiron is wisdom. During his long life, he gave young gods and heroes advice and guided them through their adventures. Later sacrificing himself because

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