Censorship Of Students ' Rights Essay

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Citizens’ rights in many places are censored by the government, and as a result they cannot express their 1st Amendment rights in the way that the Constitution intended. One of the main places where rights are restricted is schools. Students’ rights in school are heavily censored. Students do not have the liberty to say what they want and express their opinions in the way that you can outside of schools. Censorship of students’ rights has a negative effect on society because it restricts students’ rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Freedom of speech is the ability to voice your opinion without government censorship or restriction. As stated in the book “Freedom of Speech”, “The U.S. government cannot pass laws that interfere with the rights of American citizens to express their opinions about public or private matters” (Allport). This means that your right to freedom of speech is protected by law, and the government cannot pass any laws obstructing it. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are able to say anything you want at anytime. The clear and present danger test is a way for the courts to test whether the speech creates clear and present danger, and if it does, then the government has a right to outlaw that speech since one of their duties is to promote social order.

One of the biggest controversies about the 1st Amendment and the right to freedom of speech and expression is the rights that students possess, and…

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