Essay Censorship Is The Right Of People

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It was once said by American comedian Tommy Smothers that “The only valid censorship of idea is the right of people not to listen.” Censorship has long been considered a strikingly controversial topic, with many seeing Censorship as a vital role in protecting the people, and others seeing it as a threat to freedom of speech/expression. Censorship plays a perpetual role in the average person’s life. Examples of harsh Censorship laws can be seen through many mediums such as censorship of several sites via Internet in regions such as China, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, or journalists arrested for covering “offensive” stories. However, one of the most common forms of censorship that millions of people encounter is censorship of the media- most commonly found in movies, music and books. Censorship in the media can be as simple to the censorship of vulgar languages in songs one hears on the radio, or censorship of material that is deemed as “offensive” or “potentially harmful”. Although censorship can be seen as a medium to prevent exposure to potentially sensitive/harmful material, it is harmful to society as a whole, and is a violation of freedom of rights.

Despite several efforts by many anti- censorship organizations, censorship of the media has and always will be in place. One of the most prevalent bannings is of the controversial “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. The sequel to Tom Sawyer by famous American Author Mark Twain, tells the story of the white town drunk’s…

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