Essay about Censorship in Schools

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School is a unique place that shapes the personality of every individual. Besides the instruction given by teachers, books and study materials greatly contribute towards individual development. When books are banned, students can lose important resources for learning about society and themselves. It is important to be conscious of the reasons for censorship. Otherwise, censorship can cut down on the effectiveness of education. The ideals behind censorship are undeniably genuine. But censorship without valid justification often triggers a reaction because it conflicts with constitutional values; the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from making laws that infringe
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Education spreads more awareness about issues and helps students make informed decisions. Forceful removal of information only causes more curiosity amongst people. For example, movie makers actually market the deleted scenes from movies to catch more attention from an audience.

In order to create awareness about social issues, it is important for authors to express certain details in their writing that censors might find to be inappropriate. Books should not be penalized for containing words that may be used in a specific context and for good intention. We must be cautious of what is being censored and who is making the decisions about it. One way to address this problem is having a panel consisting of a varied group of individuals like educators, experts in the subject matter, and parents to review the severity of the content and its impact on readers. There should also be national guidelines which lay standards for censorship. Otherwise, the general public will continue to dispute censors for making biased decisions.
Censorship should be closely evaluated to make sure that it is serving a worthwhile purpose. In its disorganized form, censorship defies the values of democracy by suppressing people to talk or learn about issues of social importance. Some of the most popular books with high literary value have become banned because one small group of censors (handout). This

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