Censorship And The Security Of Our Nation Essay examples

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Gaining privacy today is harder than ever in a world-renowned technologically advanced country. With this technology comes a hard task at hand for the many governments. This task is trying to figure out the balance between national security and freedom for their citizens. For many years now many had a feeling that their government was monitoring their calls. After the U.S. had established their foothold in the middle east, they have known that with the amount of negativity they were receiving one person would be bound to take it upon themselves and attack the United States. At what price will Americans have to pay for the security of our nation? Is it truly necessary to wiretap every call in hopes to find the one that ruins it all for everyone?
Since the late 1920s, the United States government allowed wiretapping on communications through telegraphs using mores code, which was later disallowed without a warrant. Wiretapping is the action in which one can connect a listening device to a source of communication for the purpose of monitoring. It has been used throughout the years with the intention to fight crime organizations during the 1920s and terrorism in the 2000s. In today’s case, home and cell phones are currently monitored by government-backed private projects conducted by internet and phone companies themselves. In the article, “Communications Surveillance: Privacy and Security Risk.” Walter Diffie, a cryptographer and Susan Landau, an engineer and former google…

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