Essay on Censorship And The Media Of Military Forces

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censorship . Unlike prior attempts to keep the press away from the battlefield, the Pentagon established a system of “embedded” reporters, the process of independent reports aligning themselves with military mentors who spoon-feed them optimistic information of the war. Nearly 700 reporters, photographers and cameraman have been a participant of the embedding program . The decision to embed the media with military troops was authorized by individuals at the top of the chain of commands, one that had a military prelude that predates the G.W. Bush Administrations .

A debate stemmed from the concept of embedded reporters concerning whether the dependence upon both British and American military troops namely the signing of papers regarding restrictions on their reports and living with the them could be detrimental to objectivity and scrutiny . Embedded reporters due to the triumph accounts they provide are seen as being “in bed with” their military guardians.

Journalists lived with the troops and formed a close-knit relationship. It wasn’t long before they succumbed to “Stockholm Syndrome”. Embedding reporting leads to reporters being liable to start reporting from the point of view of the troops who are protecting them “…you owe your life to them” . The decision to embed may have been down to a defense strategy to prevent opposition attempts to misinterpret information or perhaps as an attempt to slant news coverage , as the reliance and dependence upon troops “created an…

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