Censorship And Protection Of Citizens Essay

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Millions Exscinded: The Hindrances of Internet Censorship
Approximately 270,000,000 million people use the internet in the US and the government hold the power to access and use the information of any one of them (“Censorship”). Furthermore, the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting people’s information and censoring for the past decade (“Censorship”). The internet began as a “linkage of powerful information technology to free, open, global communications [that made] gigantic contributions to civilization and commerce” (Mueller). But, the government has initiated more policies under the NSA for censoring the US, and if violated, perpetrators would be jailed (“Censorship”). The debate continues as in recent years, the International Telecommunications Union has debated on how the internet should be managed on regards to the censorship and protection of citizens (Shackelford). Whether or not the internet should be censored under government powers can be summed in two groups. Some, mostly government bodies, think that censorship is necessary to protect the general public. Others, majority being private parties and the masses, insist that censorship is an unconstitutional action that lets governments invade the privacy of citizens. Although federal bodies insist that censorship of the internet through regulation protects citizens, it actually takes away from citizen’s rights as they become victim to abuse by of regulatory power.
To begin with, acts that censor and…

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