Censorship, And Freedom Of Speech Essay

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Throughout history it is not only the words and actions of others that spark political movement, but the visual representation of the world around us, both real and perceived. Artists have been causing political uproar since the dawn of time, either in agreement or protest of the political times. Art reflects the politics of the times.

In the 1980’s, one particular display created by college student, Scott Tyler (who more frequently goes by Dredd Scott), created political uproar across the nation. The display included a framed picture of flag draped caskets, hung above a podium with a guestbook. Laying on the floor- an American flag. When Tyler’s display became public at the Chicago Institute of Arts, people immediately began to protest it. It raised questions one topics like censorship, and freedom of speech and/or expression. “Politicians and war veterans screamed foul when Chicago’s School of the Art Institute displayed a work by student Scott Tyler…” (D’Amato 42). In fact, the display caused so much uproar that a unanimous bill passed in the Senate. The bill stated that the flag on the ground was a crime. However, just 9 years later, Texas v. Johnson would constitute mishandling the flag as “symbolic speech” protected by First Amendment rights. Tyler’s display caused so much chaos that angry riots broke out, “claiming they were more enamored with the flag then the freedoms it embodies.” (D’Amato 42). In the smaller picture in Tyler’s display, a group of people can be…

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