Censorship And Freedom Of Speech Essay

1176 Words Jan 27th, 2015 null Page
Censorship not only restricts words, images, and ideas, but also inhibits an individual’s right to think freely. Censorship directly infringes upon American’s right to freedom of speech and freedom of press permitted by the First Amendment. Censoring music, art, and literary works is meant to protect the conduct and morals of people, but in doing so, society is silencing an important voice. It is easier to ban controversial topics then come to face with reality and admit that they exist. Society believes that if it is not seen and it is not heard, then it is not a problem. The American Society is overly censored. Music is an art is which a musician devotes his/her emotions to produce a message through a song. As an American, each artist has the right to send any message they choose through a song, protected by the Fist Amendment. American’s also have the right to dislike or disapprove of a song. However, by banning or censoring a song that one does not approve of is violating the artist’s rights. It is not justifiable to ban a song because a select group of individuals that disagree with it. Every person interprets media differently, what one loves, another may hate. Music is composed in hundreds of different genres because not every person could be please by just one type of music. Susan Sontag wrote, “Each art breeds its fanatics”(1097). Conversely, each art also breeds its enemy. An artist is aware that he/she cannot please everyone with their music, but it should be…

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