Censorship And Freedom Of Speech Essay example

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Censorship is everywhere in modern day society. It is on the television, on the radio, even in our schools. Censorship is supposed to protect children or teenagers from things they should not see at their age. Now censorship has gone so far that even adults are being censored. The First Amendment of the constitution gives every American the freedom of speech. That freedom is being taken away by the censoring of what certain people feel is uncomfortable or explicit.
Francis Canavan wrote an article titled Speech That Matters. In that article, he wrote “The First Amendment limits what governments may do, not what private institutions or individuals may do in regard to speech or publication.” In another article titled Point: Democracy and Censorship, the author, Amy Witherbee, said “The challenge is to let those ideas wreak their havoc, and trust in our capacity as the citizens of a democracy to make of the damage something better that what was there before.” The government does not trust that people can handle explicit subjects or materials. Censorship greatly affects the ability to fully learn about health, art, and sex education.
Censorship affects the knowledge that children and teenagers have of health and health issues by blocking certain websites or television channels that may contain “explicit” images or statements. A young mind cannot learn what is not being taught to them. More information is blocked for a child because of the nature of the images.
If a child…

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