Celta Assignment 3 Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to examine and explain the reasons why I have chosen this specific article.

According to what J. Scrivener says , the usefulness and effectiveness of a text is related to how close to real-life the topic is. So I decided to pick an article that I spotted on a webpage a few days ago, it is a real news which reports the fact that young Chinese girls are literally queuing up to have their legs broken in order to be better able to find a rewarding job or a handsome husband once the 18 - month treatment is over.

I thought this kind of news may be quite challenging and engaging for an intermediate level which can possibly have students coming from China therefore, commenting and discussing the topic from
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I thought of a writing exercise in relation to the text as a follow-on task where the learners can develop their productive language skills.

Ex. 4 – Tell your friend what you have just read and what you think.
In the task that I designed students have to write an e-mail to a friend telling him/her what they have just read and what they think about it.

The email should be at least 100 words
Students can use an informal register

I reckon that one of the strategies that may help students find an order for their ideas is giving them the chance to work on the same text. If you offer this as an activity early on in the lesson, it's likely that this sample will be consulted as as kind of model/structure on which to base their own work. The final product may then be substantially similar to the original, especially in terms of layout but with substitutions of content.

Following the structure of a sample text students can study how the items are organised, the overall message, specific phrases and sentences used, the layout, the effect on the reader and the style.

Students have the possibility to bring all the material at home, redrafting the letter using a computer (ICT skills) and then send it to me for the correction.
This task have significant advantages for students writing over pen and paper.
It is readable.
Students can make multiple copies
It can be emailed directly to the

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