Celsus Arguments Against Christianity Essay

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CELSUS 4 arguments against Christianity
Misty Fleming
Paper 1

The first of 4 arguments I believe to be of importance is that of the virgin birth. Jesus

claims to be born of a virgin in the town of Bethlehem. It was said that Jesus was born to a

virgin and God himself. When it was time for Mary to give birth she and her husband set off to

have God’s son. Because there was no room at an Inn Jesus was born in a stable. On the contrary

to what the Christian religion believes Celsus says that Jesus was born to a mother who was a

spinner, and his legitimate father a Roman soldier, Panthera (Celsus pg. 57). It seemed as if it

were common knowledge the transgressions that Jesus mother had committed with the Roman.
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That is not

how God is at all. It was known that the true God in his infinity is without shape or color

(Celsus pg. 103). Celsus also showed discord in the fact that God is all powerful, but did nothing

to save his own son from torture and death (Celsus pg. 39). Instead of using divine power, he let

his son die a humiliating death. Kings and Gods would not have let this happen. They would

have protected their own with everything they had, even if this meant their own deaths.

The last argument that seemed to have merit for me in this book would have to be that of

Christianity being unoriginal, and taken instead from many other religions. Instead of being

something original and brought about by itself. The Christian faith is just a melting pot of many

other religions and laws. It is said that Moses wrote their history so it reflected them in a positive

light. His doctrine was not only held by him, but many other nations and cities such as Egypt,

Assyrians, Indians, Persians, Gaul, Getae, and so on (Celsus pg. 55). Many of the laws that are

held by Christianity were given their start by other nations. Even circumcision was said to be

started by another society and picked up by the Jews. It seems as if all the facts are more of

fables and stories from other people. It is even said that God’s wisdom and man’s goes back to

Heracleitus and Plato (Celsus pg. 93). Homer even writes

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